After I got engaged in 2014, I was certain I wanted a designer to make my dress.

I visited one bridal store in Melbourne on Chapel Street, tried on a few dresses just to see what style suited my shape of body.

Whilst talking to a friend on social media I mentioned to her to look into getting her dress designed. She then mentioned, Have you heard of Nektaria, She is a Melbourne designer.?

I looked up Nektarias website, was happy with what I saw in terms of quality of her gowns and of course and well presented web site.

Booking in was as easy as an email. Got a reply within 24 hours and had a date set up. Meeting Nektaria felt natural. She was a very down to earth person who made myself (a country girl) feel at home. I tried on a few samples, went over fabrics and budget. She then drew up a sketch and priced it at what the fabric and time was worth.

After saying yes and sealing the deal, she then emailed myself that night with a professional invoice and reasonable deposit to be paid. Mind you this was over a year to my wedding but her passion and excitement about my special dress kept me excited also.

During out the year I had a few fittings, and kept in contact with Nektaria, followed her Facebook and Instagram pages with pleasure of watching her become at a higher demand!

Though she has gained a busier clientele base and runs a busy life Nektaria has not changed from the down to earth person she was when she was branching out on her own.

As a client Nektarias professionalism and natural obsession to perfect every gowns design is what makes her special. She makes you feel like shes on your level and enjoys interacting with your views and thoughts.

I picked up my gown on September 12th, 2015! It was a long wait, and was worth it. My dress was my personality to a tee! I have great faith that Nektaria will become an international designer with a team behind her thats just as strong and determined as she is.

She is a fantastic designer thats not all about the money, more about the people and what they desire!

Mrs. H Robertson - Melbourne